SolarteHealth for Practitioners


A physician colleague of yours decided a few years ago that he wanted to reinvent the healthcare system to make it better for patients and practitioners.  A requirement was that in doing so, the costs associated with treating patients would decrease and the market would behave as a competitive, consumer marketplace. 

When you partner with SolarteHealth you are in control of your pricing and your practices. Consumers have the ability to select providers they want to see (ideally you), and ultimately there is no intermediary getting in the way of your relationship or treatment protocols with the patients.

We serve the market of self-funded employers and offer a reinvented model of practitioner access to them and their employee populations. You partner with us to deliver high-quality care at truly fair open-market prices.

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Opportunities for new offices & practitioners

Join us in changing the healthcare system

You’ve likely been operating as an independent practitioner for many years and you’ve been competing for patient traffic on the basis of your quality of care and price. We applaud that effort and we seek to build a greater healthcare marketplace operating under those same open-market principles where cost and quality are the winners. You can continue to operate the way you’ve designed your practice, but in joining our network you’ll become a member of a practitioner community operating in the same way and generating added referral patient traffic and camaraderie.

Gain confidence in your revenue and cash flow

Our proposition to you is simple. We pay your claims at 100% and within 7 business days. We process any claim we have in-house every Thursday and our practitioners typically have their reimbursements the following Tuesday. If a claim is ever held up or adjudicated differently from 100% reimbursement we take on that burden of resolution with the TPA. You already have your funds. The burden becomes ours for collecting full reimbursementfrom the payer/TPA.

Enjoy freedom from administration while you deliver care

We know your credentials, we know your quality record, we know your background and we trust you to deliver care in an appropriate manner avoiding all waste and fraud. Prior authorizations and other pre-care protocols are typically in the hands of the prescribing physician and if a claim flows through that is denied or modified for lack of authorization, that burden is SolarteHealth’s to resolve and recover reimbursement for. Again, you’ve already been paid in full.