A health plan innovation company bringing open-market principles and price transparency to healthcare delivery.

Real Prices.

Real Choices.

Real Care.


SOLARTEHEALTH is a company that offers a new way of accessing, delivering and paying for healthcare that operates along the principles of open-market competition and leverages price transparency.

SOLARTEHEALTH was founded by a physician who has worked decades delivering patient care and who has been frustrated with the inefficiencies, administrative burdens and resulting cost mark-ups of care delivery.  More importantly, he saw how patient care suffered at the hands of the system.

SOLARTEHEALTH takes the mystery out of healthcare choice by revealing real prices, empowering real choices and enabling the delivery of real healthcare for people.


Physicians are increasingly frustrated and unhappy trying to serve their patients.

Patients are increasingly frustrated, confused and even sometimes decide to not seek care.

Payers are increasingly intervening in patient/physician relationships to “control quality” and achieve “cost efficiencies”.

At the end of the day none are satisfied with the relationships, the processes, or the overall experience.


SOLARTEHEALTH removes these intermediaries and brings a new operating model to healthcare.

We focus on the true delivery of healthcare in an open-market that draws upon competitive business constructs.

We enable patients to receive care from practitioners who are competing for their business with the quality of their care delivery, their patient experiences and their prices.

All this is possible because of AMPLIFY, our “Bolt-On” healthcare solution.



Will reduce healthcare costs with a first-of-its kind physician-to-employer pricing model.

Practitioner Partner Resources

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The Practitioners Get


A claims-free, denial-free, billing-free care delivery business model

Your services at your prices

Free from administrative processes like prior-authorization, collection reimbursement, and more

The Employers Enjoy


Dramatic cost savings

A completely transparent “bolt-on” plan enhancement

Employee appreciation

The Individual Enjoys


Costs paid 100% by their employer

Patient advocacy concierge

True Choice and genuine quality

We focus on the care experiences that can be planned for and therefore, can give patients true choices. 


Across the country



Patient Advocacy


Better Experience

Significant Savings

Be in control of your healthcare plan

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Real Prices.


Real Choices.


Real Care.

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