We’re different from the other guys

Real Prices

Our network is made up of high quality, reputable, independent practitioners who have sought a more efficient business model. This results in price-setting for healthcare that is real – that is to say they are not inflated to cover operating costs necessary to satisfy administrative bureaucracy. 


Real Choices

Patients choose the practitioners they want to see for care ranging from primary care, imaging, and therapeutics all the way up through complex day surgical procedures. Our Patient Advocates help them identify practitioners for their care that meet their individual needs and preferencea. 


Real Care

The healthcare experience becomes clear, efficient and hassle-free. Real care decisions are made between the practitioner and the patient. There is no insurance company or other third-party operating in the middle requiring prior authorizations, denying care or delaying procedures for administrative reasons. 

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Opportunities for new groups & practitioners

Our Story

Our founder has been an independent practicing physician for over 20 years because ultimately he was so frustrated with third-party interference and administrative burdens of treating patients that he knew there had to be a better way. His vision is what SolarteHealth has become – a healthcare company enabling real prices, real choices and real care for people. Prices that are fair, reasonable and not inflated to cover exorbitant administration. Choices of providers that patients can actually consider, evaluate and select. And, healthcare services that are between the patient and the doctor with no third-party interference.


Our Unique Approach