SolarteHealth for Modern Employers


Many self-funded employers are hungry for healthcare plan benefits for their populations that will save money while also improving employees’ experiences and outcomes.

If your company shares these objectives let us show you how SolarteHealth can help you reinvent your benefits plans and accomplish both.

How it works

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Opportunities for new groups & workplaces

Delivering Savings Through Our Independent Network of Practitioners

We have contracted with independent practitioners in your area to offer medical services at prices that are real, fair and competitive – as much as 70% below what others charge. 


Augmenting Your Incumbent PPOs

Self-funded employers are our typical clients. Those employers typically have an incumbent network of practitioners offered by their TPA (Third Party Administrator). Our AMPLIFY network is not a replacement of these incumbent networks, it is an augmentation.

Improving Experiences for Patients and Practitioners

The savings in medical care we offer is made possible because of a better business model with practitioners.  These cost savings are then passed on to the member/employee by their employer boosting their overall experiences, expediting care and driving personal cost-savings.

See how our existing employer groups save up to 70% on their medical expenses

Because our network is made up of high-quality practitioners that operate independently, they are free from insurance negotiation and are able to set fair and reasonable prices for the services they perform. They operate in a competitive marketplace and set their prices to cover only what’s necessary to deliver care. Their prices are significantly lower because they don’t have the typical exorbitant overhead for administrative tasks insurance companies require.


And don’t be hesitant about replacing your TPA, we work collaboratively with them to augment your PPO

Our AMPLIFY network is not intended to be a replacement for the PPO your health plan administrator offers you. We are an augmentation of that network whereby your employees have our network as another choice. A choice they can make when they want their deductibles waived and a zero-cost healthcare experience. Our services range from Primary Care all the way up through selected day surgeries, but we do not offer services related to emergency care or hospitalizations.

Your employees will be grateful for the new benefits design you’re offering – zero cost out of pocket to them

Providing employees with greater choice and enabling them to feel the control of provider selection is powerful. Further, delivering these control and selection benefits that come at no cost to them generates em ployee appreciation for enhanced benefits when too often medical benefits actually are perceived to be shrinking.