Delivering Savings Through Our Independent Network of Practitioners

We have contracted with independent practitioners in your area to offer medical services at prices that are real, fair and competitive – anywhere from 30-70% below what others charge. 

Prices that are not inflated to cover burdensome administrative processes in their back-room operations.  These practitioners are established, reputable and operate with high standards of care. They simply choose to not be locked into contracts with large insurance carriers and therefore they are free to operate independently, including setting their prices for care.  We refer to these as “cash prices” and we call this our AMPLIFY network.

Real client savings

We offer medical services from primary care up through day-surgical procedures. Here are a few examples of actual savings enjoyed by our clients:


PCP Visit

$85 savings


CT Abdomen Scan

$530 savings



$4,350 savings


Knee Replacement

$9,752 savings


Hip Replacement

$12,000 savings