Improved Experiences for Patients & Practitioners

Our network practitioners appreciate working with us because we pay every claim in full and within 7 business days.  They enjoy revenue assurance, cash flow confidence and their elimination of “haggling” with payers who deny or reduce claims reimbursements.  This enables them to set their real and fair prices for the care they provide.

As those lower prices for care are passed to the employer, they then pass on savings to their members/employees by designing their health plan such that when AMPLIFY services are provided all deductibles are waived and there are no co-pays or coinsurance amounts due from the member/employee. This results in members/employees being able to seek care as soon as they need it without delaying care due to high deductibles.  It also results in the member/employee enjoying a zero-cost medical care experience.  [this differs when HSAs are in place]