Augmenting Your Incumbent PPOs

Our AMPLIFY Network becomes an additional roster of practitioners over what the PPO offers. Claims for care through our AMPLIFY Network are processed directly by SolarteHealth where we pay the practitioners.  

We then seek reimbursement from the incumbent TPA as authorized by the sponsoring client and as outlined in the client plan design document.  No enrollment is required, and members/employees can move in and out of the AMPLIFY Network as desired for any medical care need.

Included Medical Services

Our services range from Primary Care all the way up through day surgical procedures. An incumbent TPA and its network are still necessary for full patient coverage.  Our AMPLIFY network does not cover hospitalizations, emergencies or longer-term chronic care conditions.  Specialty categories already in our AMPLIFY network include…

Bone Density





Mental Health

Out Patient Surgery Centers

Orthopedic & Urgent Care

Primary Care

Sleep Centers & CPAP




Women's Health & OBGYN

Ear, Nose & Throat